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Purpose of Homicon?

Homicon (HOMe Inventory CONtrol) is a product developed by the Power of God’s grace at CGMSS. The purpose of Homicon is to manage inventories in the home from your Windows Phone device. Homicon provides screens to list items for review, and to make shopping lists according to quantity-on-hand and quantity reorder limit right from your Windows Phone device. Groceries, cleaning supplies, tools, etc. are home-inventories which Homicon monitors and tracks to update home inventory items.

What is Homicon?

Homicon is a home inventory control app available for Windows Phone and other smartphones. Homicon gathers user-information to track the quantity on hand and to mark the reorder limit of home inventory items. First year FREE! (Homicon may charge thereafter, current price $0.99 USD/year).


  • Making grocery lists has never been easier or more powerful with the touch-of-your-finger control voice input.
  • Adding items is a simple one-time effort and Homicon stores item name and details for editing and reviewing on your phone.
  • Text your quick list to your spouse or a friend to pick up items on the way home.
  • Keep up with your grocery items with new touch gestures that help your review all items and update individual items one at a time.
  • Navigation buttons provide a quick and convenient toggle, allowing you to move freely between Quick List and Main Listing to get things done.
  • Quick List is optimized for on-the-go data entry, with voice support for hands-free input.
  • Main List provides helpful, powerful views of item images alongside of the short and long descriptions, quantity on hand, and quantity reorder limit.

App details




Food & Dining

Approximate size

5.04 MB

Age rating

7 and up


The app developer believes this app meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for everyone to use.

Supported operating systems

Windows phone 8.1

Supported processors


Supported languages

English (United States)

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Version notes

With the latest updates, you can

Launch, Review, and Update

Launch Homicon

After installing, The Homicon app can be launch in two ways...
  1. From the list of apps page, tap "Homicon GL App"
  2. If you pinned the App shortcut to Start page, tap the Homicon icon on Start page


Homicon stores the name, description, Quantity on Hand, Quantity Reorder Limit, and image of each item. From your phone, you can list and review your inventory without the hassle of looking in the refrigerator/freezer, cabinets, and other places where you store your home inventory items. Launch Homicon and the app opens the page that list your entire inventory available for browsing your list of items. (Note: Homicon lists on those items that you have stored). At the touch of a button, add to your quick list, pick an item for deleting or modifying, or slide your finger up and down screen to browse your list. Updating your is easy.

Update List

ADD - Tap plus (+) on menu at bottom of screen. On "Add List Item" page, you can add items by two methods

  1. Voice
    1. Tap in the short description window
    2. Tap microphone icon at the bottom left
    3. Say the name of the item
    4. Tap outside the short description window
    5. Repeat steps 1 to 4, but change "short description" to "long description"
  2. Manual
    1. Tap in the short description window
    2. Type the item description
    3. Tap outside the short description window
    4. Repeat steps 1 to 3, but change "short description" to "long description"

    Manual Change "Only" on "Quantity on Hand" and "Quantity Reorder Limit"

    1. Tap in window
    2. Type the correct number
    3. Tap outside the window

    Manual Change "Only" on "Image" name and location

    1. Tap in image-name window
    2. Type the correct image-name
    3. Tap outside the window

    With all fields completed as you want them, tap Save icon on bottom menu

Delete (Manual "Only")

  1. Tap item you want to delete
  2. On the "Modify/Delete item" page, tap Delete button at the page bottom
  3. Confirm the Delete

Modify (Manual "Only")

  1. Tap item you want to modify
  2. On the "Modify/Delete item" page, tap window where you want to change text
  3. Tap Modify buttom at the page bottom
  4. Confirm the Modification

Quick List and Texting List

The Homicon “Quick List” constructs a quick shopping list. Pick items and add to your Quick List in 3 ways. Homicon keeps a copy of Quick List that makes it easier for your next list; just Add or delete.


Three Methods

  1. Voice Input – From Quick List screen menu
    1. Press speaker button
    2. Speak your selection after the prompt
    3. Confirm your selection
  2. Manual Input – From Quick List screen menu
    1. Press Add (+) button
    2. From the "Add QL Item" page, tap inside text window
    3. Key in item name you want to add
    4. Press Add button (or Cancel, if preferred)
  3. Touch Input – From the "List of Items" page...
    1. Tap ellipsis (…) in lower right corner
    2. Tap "Selection Mode"
    3. Tap item that you want to add to quick list
    4. Press Add button(or Cancel, if you prefer)


  1. Tap item you want to delete
  2. On Del/Mod page, tap Delete button
  3. Confirm deletion


  1. Tap item you want to modify
  2. On Del/Mod page, tap in text box window
  3. Modify text to suit you
  4. Press Modify button
  5. Confirm Modification button

Text Your QuickList

  1. From Quick List Screen, Tap ellipses (...) in lower right corner
  2. Homicon queues your Quick List, then gives control to your phone's texting capabilities
  3. See your phone's messaging instructions for sending text messages


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Bologna.jpg BoscPears.jpg BreadCrumbs.jpg
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